The Pisces are capable of playing secondary level of managements in any business organizations. The Pisces do not shoulder the full responsibility; they prefer to share it with others. The Pisces do not prefer to take the risk of carrying the entire responsibilities on their shoulders. The Pisces are so calculative that they will not make them responsible for any problems/defects. 

Thus the Pisces likes to enjoy the harvest; but they are not interested in cultivating. The Pisces are highly deceptive and undependable in their character; they are excellent manipulators. The Pisces will make everyone to fight with one another. Thus the Pisces are able to control everyone; and get promoted into the top positions. The Pisces will never allow any dissent; and will not allow the dissenters to survive. Thus the Pisces keep the fear psychosis in everybody’s mind and maintain their supremacy in the workplace.


The Pisces knows the limit of making expenses and will not cross the limits. Thus the Pisces have greater control over their financial transactions. The Pisces may also be interested in saving the income. Thus they maintain the expenses well below the income level. Most of the Pisces will have comfortable financial position.

Even if the Pisces do not save money, they will not spend it too. The Pisces are quiet a miser or a penny pincher, who will not spend it at all. The Pisces may not be willing to spend money, even if they are allowed to spend. Thus the Pisces will have good financial strength. 


The Pisces would be a sincere employee; and will not allow even a single cent go wasted. The Pisces act as an informant to their employer. Thus the Pisces reach the responsible post without actually working for it; this creates heartburn among their colleagues. By gaining the trust of their superiors, the Pisces will pass the wrong information along with the right information. Thus the Pisces will fully confuse their superiors. The Pisces will reward the people who are with them; and punish the person mercilessly if they are against them. Thus the Pisces are celebrated by some; and hated by many others.


The Pisces finds it difficult to manage huge organizations. The Pisces’ soft, steady and subdued character makes them less authoritative; they also lack the leadership qualities. The Pisces has the ability to maintain the proper financial management; they will not allow even single cent to go waste. But the Pisces’ tight control over the money transactions leads to some dissenting voices in the organizations too. The Pisces would be moderately successful as an employer.

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Personalized Horoscope Readings for Career & Finances

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