The Pisces are average students in their subjects. The Pisces maintain discreet silence on their education part; often the Pisces are mistaken for highly qualified or skilled person. Only the people who are very closer to Pisces know exactly about the education level of Pisces.

The Pisces never bothers to learn the basics of a subject; rather they prefer to harp on the primary level of the subjects. This because the Pisces will never harasses their body and the mind beyond a limit. Thus the Pisces acquire moderate education; even though they set a high goal in their life. 


The Pisces are gifted with some skills and talents which are not connected to their subjects. The Pisces will never make use of their talents; also they do not try to improve their skills too. The laziness of the Pisces stands as a hurdle to their growth; they find some lame excuses to avoid seriously getting into a subject. 

The Pisces puts out various defenses in support of their actions by talking & explaining in an extensive & exhaustive manner. The Pisces are always aided by the speeches that hide their original actions. The Pisces somehow manage to hoodwink the public with their talk show.

Instead of learning the subject or developing a particular type of skills, the Pisces find various methods to avoid/skip learning those skills. Thus the Pisces keep them high above others through their manipulative talks and diverting the real issues away from them. 


The Pisces do not have aggressive oratory skills; rather their speeches are either moderate or subdued in nature. The Pisces do not command through their speeches. The speeches of the Pisces are rather soft and steady; the speeches will not offend anyone directly. The Pisces will use their speeches as a weapon to further their selfish interests. Though the speeches of the Pisces are not aggressive, it will serve its intended purposes.

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Personalized Horoscope Readings for Career & Finances

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