The Pisces loves their family much and attend to the needs of everyone in the family. The Pisces are quiet willing to sacrifice anything to meet the needs of their family members. 

The Pisces are second to none in the hospitality; they always maintain the warmth and accord great recognition to their relatives & guests. The Pisces do not differentiate and make preference over one another. The Pisces do not bring any major troubles into their family; they try their best to minimize their impact on the family. 

The Pisces loves their spouse and keep them fully coordinated with their spouse. The Pisces are quiet adjustable and flexible to the spouse’s characters. The Pisces could have more disappointment and grievances against their spouse; but they do not share their complete grievances with any one.

The Pisces keeps some of the grievances well within their mind; they prefer not to share even with their closest allies. The Pisces do not allow others to abuse or find fault with their spouse. 

The Pisces adapt themselves into the realities of the new life after their marriage; they do not protest or damage by insisting on their preference. Thus the Pisces would perform their duty as the spouse in an excellent form.


The Pisces do not move very closer to their children; they do not put excessive control over their children. The Pisces chooses the middle path on the relationship with their children.

The Pisces’s are too weak to control their children; they do not show any willingness on their part. The Pisces used to control their children in a remote controlled manner. In most cases, the Pisces use their spouse as an intermediate to communicate and control their children.

Hence the children of the Pisces do not attach any significance to the Pisces’ parent; the children used to throw all the suggestions of the Pisces into the disdain. Thus the Pisces are hurt by the acts of their children; which was created by none other than the Pisces itself. 


The Pisces do not enjoy cordial relationship with their brothers/sisters. There may not be complete snap in the ties; but the relationship does not look bright too. The Pisces could salvage some of the ties with their brothers/sisters if both of them live apart. 

Due to their past experience, the brothers/sisters try to be careful on their relationships with the Pisces. The brothers/sisters would maintain some suspicions on the motives of the Pisces; they do not rely on the Pisces fully.

Apart from these misgivings, the Pisces are good at showing hospitability to their brothers/sisters; and get the full appreciations for their actions


The Pisces maintain sizeable number of friends in their young age; and that gets reduced as the time passes. The Pisces do not maintain their friendship, once they move out of the area. The Pisces earns lot of new friends and comfortable with them too. But the Pisces never move closer and get into the intimate friendship. Thus Pisces hands are tied down with their family to have spare time to spend with their friends.


The Pisces do not care much about their parents. The Pisces will look after their parents as a duty; not out of any affection. The Pisces will not hesitate to use strong words, if they are expected to do more by their parents; the Pisces are hamstrung by their laziness and selfishness.

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