The Pisces are slow, steady and cunning in nature. The Pisces have many dreams to cherish and maintain very subdued presence. They do not show the anger and frustration in an explicit manner.

The Pisces will lend their ears to others advice; but they travel in their chosen path. At a later stage if they find the method is not correct, they chose to accept their mistake; and try to correct it too.

The Pisces are not vocal in their argument; rather they prefer to press their point in a passive manner. The Pisces are very sensitive in nature; they easily do not forget their insults. The Pisces keeps the insults in dormant condition for many more years to come; but continue to speak and behave friendly in an extraordinary manner.

The Pisces maintain vengeance and wait for the opportune moments to settle their score. The Pisces do not take their fights in their hands; they instigate others to finish the job for them. Thus the Pisces words & the speeches can not be taken at the face value; it contains more complex angles and answers.

The Pisces are the best courier in transferring the information from person to person. Sometimes the Pisces could be rumor mongers/ gossip mongers too. In each and every work done by the Pisces, there would be definitely selfish angles too. The Pisces tries to hide their intention from others; but are fully exposed to their trusted allies/friends. 

The Pisces likes to be very generous and want to help others; but either they simply forget at the requisite time or too lazy to provide the help.


The Pisces talks and speeches are very responsive and sweet coated; it makes others to be very confident. But the Pisces do not put their words into actions. Thus it could put big questions on their trust and dependability. 

The Pisces look at the short term gains only; do not look at the long term perspectives. The Pisces add too much importance to the action of others; thus they fail to concentrate on their development.

The Pisces earn lot of hidden enemies’ due to their habits of gossip mongering, interference in others personal matter through proxies and instigating the troubles for their selfish interests; they simply lose their reputation too.

The Pisces fixes a set of rules for them and their cronies; they fix totally different set of rules for those who oppose their views. Thus they have different yardstick for different peoples; they are the one who bend the rules as per their whims and fancies.  


The Pisces have one set of rules for them and another set of rules for their opponents. The Pisces has never felt shy of maintaining these double standards. The Pisces treat these issues in a casual manner.

The Pisces become very agitated if anyone tries to point out their defects and deficiencies. But the Pisces keeps their irritations well within their mind; and maintain normalcy in the public.

The mind of the Pisces travels through narrow lanes and by lanes of their selfishness and of the family. If the Pisces are able to steer the mindset into broader outlook away from the selfishness, then the Pisces can expect real miracles in their life.


The Pisces will not crack any jokes; but they will join in the humorous situation. The Pisces would vent their anger as jokes; thus their jokes centers on a particular person/group. 

Sometimes the Pisces could themselves be the subject of cracking jokes by their friends and the family members. Though the Pisces do not want others to crack jokes on them, they do not show their displeasure too. Thus the Pisces have limited interest on jokes and limited capability in cracking the jokes.


The Pisces becomes angry and frustrated on rare occasions. The Pisces do not show their anger in an explicit manner. Their anger is reflected from their sharp and harsh words; but that is also very short and brief. The Pisces becomes so silent, when they are fully frustrated and extremely angry. In short, the Pisces do not burst with uncontrollable anger in their lifetime. 

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Personalized Horoscope Readings for Career & Finances

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