Thursday, 28 July 2011


The Zodiac Signs reflects the basic character of every individual person. In the Western Astrological studies, the Sun signs are taken as the basic parameter of notifying a person’s Zodiac Signs. In the Indian Vedic Astrology, Moon signs are considered in concluding a person’s Zodiac Signs.

The Sun moves 6 months in the southern hemisphere and 6 months in northern hemisphere. Roughly it takes 3 months to reach Tropic of Cancer/ Capricorn and back from the Equator.  That is, it stays in the area of Cancer (Tropics of Cancer) for 6 months & area of Capricorn (Tropics of Capricorn) for another 6 months.

Broadly, the Western Astrology divides the year into summer and winter areas. The Indian Astrology takes into account of the additional details of the planetary movement of Moon in every single month to conclude the exact characteristics of every person. That is the Indian system does not solely rely on the movements of the Moon only.

The Indian Astrology takes account of both the Sun sign and Moon sign in predicting the exact characteristics of every person. Rising Signs are also most important in development of characters on every single person. Thus every person has to take into consideration of all the 3 signs, Rising sign, Moon sign and Sun sign in fixing the exact characteristics of every individual persons. Best Wishes.

Go ahead, and read and find out the exact characteristics of every person whom you know in this world. This would partially help you to understand the people’s characters and reduce the risk of getting affected by them at the later stage.

Also look for daily prediction for your Zodiac signs that will be posted on this site on daily basis. Also look out for new additions and studies on your Zodiac signs on a regular basis. Keep watching for more important tips and advance warnings about your future based entirely on your Zodiac signs.

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